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Thank you in advance for looking into this for me. Mrs. Clubb.NOTE: After you have your router set up with a proxy service you can now access the Netflix.COM site and not the Netflix.CA site.When I first used I had a Trendnet router and was bit tricky finding the DNS settings but eventually figured out.

Most devices will all ready have Netflix app pr similar installed but you can get free download for your specific deivce from iTunes, Google Play Store or PlayStation Store, etc.If you can tell me your setup I may be able to troubleshoot more effectively.

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If I try to select a movie that I was watching while on Canada Netflix it will say item is not available and vice versa.

You are going to have to make changes to your DNS settings on router- they have excellent instructions on the site.The cost is 4.99 a month- note they offer free 7 day trial that was super easy to set up.

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American Netflix. american netflix on mac, american netflix on ps3, american netflix.You can toggle from US, Canadian, US and other countries with click of your mouse.Netflix Will Crush Cable with its Original Content and On Demand Service Zemanta.DNS Codes. Primary: Secondary: Primary: Secondary: Primary: Secondary:

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You can use your Canadian login and Canadian account info- however you do still need a US proxy service to get US Netflix in Canada.This does not affect you computers speed and performance or bandwidth in any way.

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Instructions for router brands like linksys, motorola, TP-Link, etc. are on site and even brand not listed still easy-ish.

I am in Canada and want to watch U.S netflix, Previously i

When you have changed DNS settings on your router you can plug in Ethernet cable to back of router and to your device i.e. This works very well for PS3 or WDTV.Set up my router and got access to the US Netflix as well as all the US networks that stream episodes etc.It is just a matter of inputting new numbers in DNS setting of your router.But bypassing your router and plugging directly in with the PS3 will.

I wish though there was an app of some sorts so i can watch network stations, IE ABC, FOX, CBS on my ps3.I am not a fan of watching Netflix on Wii- it will not show in HD and I find using Wii remote cumbersome.

Once you have your US proxy set up on your wireless router you can watch American Netflix in Canada on any any compatible device (when connected to wi-fi in your house).

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Like you said, Netflix no longer required a US based account and you can use your own Canadian credit card.You are able to choose your region and change easily and as often as you like.Hello, i have the US Netflix up a and running on the 7day trial.

My 9n year old son uses his ipod to switch over because he can only get Sponge Bob on UK Netflix.Want to get access to the American Netflix video library in Canada.Does anyone know how to switch to American netflix on a Samsung galaxy s3 phone and a Samsung galaxy tablet.Let me show you how to access the American Netflix in Canada. This is a huge downside as the American Netflix library has tens of thousands of more titles to.If you are wathcing on a wii or xbox or most blu-ray players you need US netflix account.The Canadian address you want to enter wont work and is flagged and rejected.