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After reading all the complicated other instructions, your way was so easy.

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Only the old Chrome version has the wrench and the create application shortcut options.

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I will explain how to do this in the tutorial below and include a video on the subject as well so you.I still do not know how to put an ICON on desktop to go directly to Gmail.This very simple app lets you create home screen shortcuts to a webpage or any URL,.

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You can, however, click the top left corner of the screen and select Open Browser Window to open a new window in Chrome.


How To Create Website Shortcut On Desktop In Windows 10. Step 2: Open up the URL that you want to create the shortcut of on the desktop. Step 3:.

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Configure a Shortcut Item. if the Target Type selected is URL and the action is Create,. shell object (such as a printer, desktop or control panel.Okay, I finally figured out how to make a desktop shortcut that will open a specific website in Microsoft Edge, even if Edge is not your default browser.

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Now clicking the icon will open your website in the chrome browser.

To create a website shortcut on your desktop, simply highlight the URL from the address bar and drag the URL.How to Create Shortcuts in Windows 10. Tags:. On the displayed context menu, move the mouse pointer to Send to, and click the Desktop (create shortcut).

Use a GPO to Create a URL Icon Using Internet Explorer Only

Use a GPO to Create a URL Icon Using Internet Explorer Only. to the Web Portal on the desktop that only. text box put the URL that you need to open.When I click on the 3 horizontal lines, I do not have Tools - only More Tools.

To create a desktop shortcut from a Windows client computer, follow these steps: 1.Added it as a dependency, and then used a batch file to copy it to the Public Desktop for Windows 7.

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How To: Create Domain Shortcuts (Custom URLs). is what will appear at the end of your custom URL,.There is a way to create your shortcut to have it open the browser with url and buttons.Adding YouTube as an icon on your desktop involves creating a new shortcut. how to create website shortcut to desktop (youtube,Facebook,twitter.This How-To Article shows you how to create an Internet shortcut on the Desktop.

Customer Success Advisor. you will see a site icon or a security icon next to the web address in the URL bar.Get tips on technology in general and search services like Google with help from an experienced tech aficionado in this free video series.Video guide on how to create a Remote Desktop Connection shortcut in. select Remote Desktop Connection shortcut and click. this shortcut.

How to create desktop shortcut in Windows 10

The button is found in the right hand corner and matches the spot in the authors article where the wrench is.If you drag the URL to the desktop it will create a generic shortcut which will launch the.