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A managed version of Google Play is used by enterprises and their employees to access a rich ecosystem of work and.As a chinese phone, it did not have any google play store, service or google play game application.The deprecated version might stop working around August this year, the text is not very clear: "On August 1, 2014, Google Play will stop accepting new or updated apps...Some other options include, which is similarly reliable.

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If the system directory were erased, the phone would not boot.

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Google has an inspection process for making sure that all phones using the Play Store do so smoothly.Google is not working JK. The fact is that, google was working till last month, all of a sudden, it stopped.Google Music Finally Enables Browser Uploads through Chrome. at least not yet.Google Play is a digital store for apps and content on the Android mobile operating system.I believe Android also automatically regenerates directories on its storage partition.

Custom ROMs are the best thing about having an Android phone.Direct solution for Google Play Store Not Working problem which is a main issue here.Google play store and number of downloads location: - date: November 23, 2014 I am totally new to play store and i recently published my puzzle app in.I think if i install a custom rom and root my phone issue would be fixed.

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I recommend trying Amazon Underground (which you have to download direct from Amazon).If Google Play music is not working, not syncing or not uploading the answers are usually simple.The best way to resolve these kinds of issues is to Google around and see if someone with the same device as you has experienced the same problem.

Other discussion sites, including Google, have threads on problem of getting insufficient internet signal to play.Like This video please:-) I am using my nexus 10 to show you how to fix this problem.

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As the operating system matures, hopefully they provide better methods of dealing with errors.

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Play Store problems remain one of the worst features about Android.WARNING: This will remove your personal data from the device, including messages and other data.Did you know that Android allows the installation of app stores other than the Play Store.Google Play Store is probably the only place where you can rely on the latest apps and games for your Android phones and devices.You can install latest version of Android or just reset your system.Google Play requires an active gmail account with a valid password.

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It sounds like only the user data directory was erased, although if the directory is still showing files there, it may not be erased either.Also try to uninstall the Google Play Store and tell clear Memory of your Phone and then Reinstall the Google Play Store app.His passions are in China-sourced gadgets, information technologies (like RSS), and productivity tips and tricks.

Then choose CLEAR CACHE (or CLEAR DATA, which also wipes the cache, but requires that you re-log into the service).One of the most common and easy fixes is to perform a factory reset.This page describes how to troubleshoot issues that you might encounter while developing Android games with the Play Games SDK.

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The Complete Windows 10 Creators Update Troubleshooting Guide.

Kannon is a Tech Journalist (BA) with a background in international affairs (MA) with an emphasis on economic development and international trade.I have seriously contemplated going back to a Gmail address, i.e., free personal account vs.If all else fails, you can always try the Amazon App Store or F-Droid ( great apps on F-Droid.If users encounter an error code, the routine is often the same, but a few of these require different methods.I would first try downloading and installing an APK from a reputable source.Google Play (formerly Android Market) is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google.If your google Play store does not want to open - look carefully.The XDA thread above should link to multiple older versions of the Play Store -- one of these might be compatible with your phone.

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You MIGHT be able to sideload a current version of the Play Store from a third party source, like XDA.Investigate first why it is not working properly, find out the root causes (which you obviously do not know) and just STOP WASTING YOUR CUSTOMERS TIME WITH VOODOO SUGGESTIONS.

Hi, the problem is that when i try to install an application via play store something get wrong, as soon as the download is achieved the app restart download instead installing the app I youth help.

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So when I open Google play it shutsdown itself and I have to download my apps through different websites in apk files.I can open facebook and other web pages so I know my Wifi is working.I already wipe it (play store, play service, google service framework) but give me another error. cant open the playstore. so i remove my google account then i cant log in to google.XDA user mohamedrashad compiled a mammoth list of Play Store error codes.Anyway i wish i had a step by step procedure how to root this phone and not brick it.

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