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Fix your Xbox 360 online matchmaking problems by switching to open NAT.Do you live in Europe or outside the US and want to put your Playstation 3 to a good use.Depending on the brand you will have multiple connections on back of your router for just this purpose.This article shows you how to setup Blockless Smart DNS on PS3.

This article details how to set up Blockless Smart DNS on your PS4.You can also use Canadian Paypal to pay the service with no issue.I was able to successfully set up an american account on my ps3 before they launched the playstation.Does anyone know how to switch to American netflix on a Samsung galaxy s3 phone and a Samsung galaxy tablet.

I am in Canada and want to watch U.S netflix, Previously i

A list of public and completely free DNS servers, plus instructions on how to change them.

It is just a matter of inputting new numbers in DNS setting of your router.My Watched list changes according to what is available in the Country I am viewing in.How Watch US Netflix with Your Canadian Netflix Account Zemanta.It looks a bit scary at first but I promise it is fairly easy.We recently looked at the many reasons you might want to use a third-party DNS server.

If you are wathcing on a wii or xbox or most blu-ray players you need US netflix account.In the address bar, input router IP address, username and password.Static address is a guide to setting the IP address of the PS3.Most devices will all ready have Netflix app pr similar installed but you can get free download for your specific deivce from iTunes, Google Play Store or PlayStation Store, etc.We have had Netflix on our iPad, Smart TV, laptops and iPhone.

I needed to change DNS settings for my wired PC and that was super easy and again good instructions on the site.I went into Wii options and deleted Netflix data and then Netflix app.

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Basically it is the same as netflix but offers more channels and also some free channels. Thanks.This does not affect you computers speed and performance or bandwidth in any way.You do need to delete the Netflix stuff in your wii Options before it will work tho.Before following these steps on how to get American Netflix on PS3,.You can also set up a new US Netflix account AFTER you have set up US proxy service, but this is no longer neccesary.To get access to these sites I am assuming your all ready have a US proxy service.

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I HAVE MY I.P BUT I CANNOT GET MY DNS IT KEEPS SAYING. connection but i dont know how to change those settings.Many mobile devices have encryption options installed, although they are not always automatically switched on.If I try to select a movie that I was watching while on Canada Netflix it will say item is not available and vice versa.

Solve the Gang Fight Street Crime mission in L.A. Noire in PS3 or Xbox 360.StrongDNS allows you to use your favorite services like Sling TV,.Its one of the few webpages with good information all in one place for Canadian to US Netflix accounts.