Why does my ipad not connect to the internet

I bought it in April and have not had any issues connecting to any wi-fi until yesterday when it would no longer connect to my wi-fi at home.

If none of your Internet-based apps are connecting to Web, the problem is your Internet connection.

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When I setup my iPad, I could connect to my wireless access point,.Hi all, I have an iPad 64gb WiFi and 3G but it will not connect to the internet even if its connected to WiFi.

Although the error does not identify a specific problem, you can troubleshoot problems that may cause connection issues until you find the right solution.It sees the network, allows me to put in the password but just will not connect.My plan at this point is to get a second wireless router, run DHCP off one only, set each wireless to run at the desired frequency, and set the same SSID and security on each.I have had issues connecting my iPAD to some networks outside my home network.

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Every time I go to my windows store to buy a game it says cannot connect to server please try again later and when I do it still says the same thing.If not, take your iPad to a local coffee shop or a similar location with free WiFi.Well I had this wifi issue which only surfaced in the last week for my iPad and iPhone at the same time.IE Nitro Reader, Windows photo Previous use with OE I could open a pdf in Nitro reader and click send email and.

Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe.Everytime I restart the iPad, it connects to the internet for about 5 mins then is no longer connected (even though it shows full bars).All of a sudden today, my iPad is not connected anymore to our network and when I click on our network it asks for a password.

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I am having problems trying to connect to the internet on my iPad.

It seems I have tried incessantly and they either tell me my id is wrong or the answers to the security questions are wrong.By the way what does PING mean.If the connection problem is restricted to the Mail app, check the accuracy of your email account settings in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section of the Settings menu.

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The problem with the iPad was at a starting point of 2.4GHz. When I changed the freq of the wireless setting to 5 GHz, the iPad connected immediatly and performance was blazing.

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When connected to the Internet, you can browse web pages, check your e-mail, connect with friends using FaceTime.

Linksys WRT54GL does not connect by cable at Windows 7. Hi. I have used this router connected to one router acting as a cable modem at a cable.

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Patrick: Thank you so much for the tips on getting I-pad to connect to wireless.If you have not already activated a cellular data plan with a mobile service provider, you can set it up in this section.Tried to login to IP address from iPad but says server is not available.If the other app is functioning -- for example, the Mail app can send and receive email -- the problem is your browser app.Before the hard reset and restore I was still able to play my games and read my kindle books, do I have to go to the apple store.