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I saw the Hollywood remake Quarantine which starred Jennifer Carpenter first since it was more widely available.

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Halloween so of course, I still want to be scared out of my mind and the good.Great list, I did see that at least one person added High Tennsion on their list.At once bitingly funny, spiritually cold, and heatedly erotic, Thirst tears into the contemporary standards and traditional marks of vampire stories as if director Park Chan-wook has been waiting to test its blood and tear its veins.Like any anthology film, not every segment works to its full potential, but the ones that do deliver terrifying images and concepts that last well beyond their runtime.But 3 of my other favorite comedy flicks from the more recent years: Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, and Severance.

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The only flaw I saw was the the picture for 28 days later was actually for 28 weeks later.

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So how did you come to the conclusion that Noah stayed on the Ark for an additional 75 days.But if you add all the days he spent in the ark up (aka doing your research) you would see that Noah was in the ark for one year and ten days.

House of the Devil trumps both as far as real indie horror goes.Also silent hill is without a doubt the best movie based on a video game ever.

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Zombieland is the funniest zombie buddy comedy flick since Shaun of the Dead.

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He would take backpackers into Belanglo forest to torture and eventually murder them.Great list, though I thought 1,2,and 3 are more like 8.9 and 10. Maybe I got the order wrong.I did not get to checkout the spanish film REC until just a few weeks ago when it finally arrived on Netflix on Demand in Canada.

I watcht grotesque its a sick movie but there are sicker movies.The sequel The Descent Part 2 is also a fantastic film and frankly if you loved the first one you will love the sequel just as much.In Australia loads of backpackers go missing or end up dead all the time.Most of these stories are usually very fictionalized for many different purposes, mainly to make the lessons epic so we dont forget them.

Even I have to watch certain scenes in that movie through my hand.You might have liked it, but the original wipes the floor with it.

I would have too say that the tunnel was better then the descent BBBUUUTTTT from what i hear number two is supposed to be way better.Another movie that did not make the list is the 2007 French made film.

Someone mentioned The Serbian Film (or Movie, or something) and the description they gave was enough to scar me for life.Exorcism is true and leaves with lingering doubt on your religious life.

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Once they hooked up with the Army,,this movie slid down hill.I thought the whole point of the film is that they all simply went mad, and that there were actually no monsters.He not only defined the genre but led many other talented people including Robert Kirkman to make their own zombie projects.The only hard-set rule for this list is that we only selected films in which horror was the primary concern.

In the Swedish version you see the unconscious boy released from being held under water and then the left side of the pool gets bloody chunks of the bullies anatomy dropped in as they are torn to pieces(unseen) above water.Paranormal Activity still i thought was good, but not anything to lose sleep over.There are a plethora of great horror films that have made their debut over the last few centuries and we could easily.The Mothman prophecies- OMG how do you get away from something like that.My list of the best horror films of the past decade (personal opinion obviously).But what I LOVE are comedic revisionist films that take on the genre.The Ring is a not scary, but creepily strange and mind-boggling.

I found this film to be the most horrifying film I have watched in the past ten years.The 25 Best Horror Films Of The 21st. is the best horror movie ever made and Sam Raimi.