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Full Review July 12, 2017 Whenever I try to use this app, it always presents me with a login prompt which in turn always responds with invalid login.Full Review Tyler Thrasher July 2, 2017 Ad blocking feature seems to be broken.Servers are BLACKLISTED so cannot send email or connect to any service that checks RBL.

Full Review Shawn Thomas June 27, 2017 Finally a company that paid attention to the market research.

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Performance is significantly poorer but I could tolerate it if not for so many services not working.Full Review Paul Carpenter June 3, 2017 The speeds are often significantly slower then when off.

If I could get a refund I would take it and go to another VPN service that keeps things working as they should.PIA runs wonderfully on my desktop, but sadly the app is so bad that I will definitely have to go with a different VPN.Vivek Deshmukh I liked it until my ip was being able to be tracked by some of the sites i was using.The main drawback of PIA MACE is that it is a very limited ad.Item removed from wishlist. 1 Install Stay anonymous and secure on public WiFi.Turn PIA off and can download Turn on and it stops downloading.Private Internet Access bills itself as the largest. good bandwidth and, with any luck.

Tried small packets option without success Full Review Chris Seman July 9, 2017 Mobile and Desktop versions are by far the best on market in terms of a real private vpn.Choose from many payment options including Bitcoin, gift cards from hundreds of retailers, and prepaid credit cards.Private Internet Access VPN is quite. that Private Internet Access latency. the set limit,.Get WiFi security in public hotspots, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, and airports.They keep saying that none of my email addresses is registered as a subscriber in their systems, but refuse to acknowledge that I have a one-year subscription that I paid through Google.Private Internet Access customers are ensured access to specific web services, fast ping times and high bandwidth.

Implementation of a bandwidth cap is. service provider offers access to Internet.If you use a WiFi hotspot without encryption, your data can be as available as public TV.Full Review Blaze Falconburger June 3, 2017 Works great most of the time, needs work on switching between wifi and mobile network.have to disconnect and reconnect manually almost every time.Full Review Chris Morris July 10, 2017 After months of giving it a shot, the connections are still awful and constantly dropped.Total data hog on 4G and the speeds are RIDICULOUSLY slow at times (less than 1kbps up when using PIA, 25mbps when disabled).The iOS and Android apps have always been incapable of connecting to the VPN.Then one day about 80% of my mobile data was used in this apps background.

Private Internet Access is an excellent choice for almost any type of VPN usage.This Private Internet Access review is based on price, features, reliability, speed and customer service.I renewed two weeks ago but had no response, no email replies, nothing.

Do not use free vpns as they are mere gimmicks and untrustworthy.Private Internet Access is available for a wide range of platforms.

When connected to stable wifi or 4g connection, the app will reestablish connection repeatedly or stop communication completely.Your IP address will be changed to a Private Internet Access IP address to hide your identity and location.

They have servers in over 78 countries and do not limit your bandwidth or the number of. that most users will want to avoid. Private Internet Access:.

Remember there is no refund before you enroll, so choose wisely.Rated pia at 1 star because it has a good consistent speed, other than that iam just waiting for this subscription to end.Full Review Seppo Valtola July 11, 2017 This has been fantastic product but suffers now from a serious problem.Tried to contact help but could even open their site without using free vpn On a paid subscription.In the meantime they have charged me twice for an unreliable service that stops responding or drops connection constantly.At no point will they cap your internet usage or your bandwidth for that.It drops connection when moving between wifi access points in hotel office building.

Cancelled reoccurring service plan with same notes and nothing other then automated end of service warning.Have received acknowledgements but no troubleshooting advice or acknowledged problems.A bandwidth cap, also known as a. whether they have exceeded this limit.