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AppCleaner is a free uninstaller for Mac that searches for and lets you delete all the settings, caches and other junk files programs you delete.Published on Apr 29, 2013 Venice - Film: Top Photography Apps in 2016: This is the only correct way to completely remove or uninstall programs on Mac OS X.

Removing items from both these locations is necessary to completely uninstall software.

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As soon as you open CleanApp it begins searching your Mac for applications, preference.

AppZapper is great but I find that sometimes it misses a few left over files.You are looking to remove any files or folders which contain the name of the program ( Acrobat, Word ) or the vendor ( Adobe, Microsoft ) in their names.Applications that use installers should leave a nice list of all files installed.Click the following link to download the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool for Mac:.Mac Tutorial - How To Completely Uninstall Applications On A Mac.Again you are looking for items with the name of the program or vendor in the name.

Note: the icon for most programs is actually a bit of an illusion.OneDrive for Mac - FAQ. Check the Trash for files you deleted from the OneDrive folder on your Mac.As a clean-up measure — after using AppCleaner — I run EasyFind and search for the name of the item I wish to delete.Removing software applications from a Macintosh computer is much simpler than removing them from a Windows PC.

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But if you are trying to remove an old or corrupt component, reinstall software to change a serial number, or just free up disk space, removing all components of the old application can be important.This method works on all recent versions of OS X including Yosemite. ----------------- My Website: Faceboook: Twitter: Instagram.Uninstalling applications in Mac OS X is very different than uninstalling in a Microsoft Windows environment because Mac OS X has nothing like the Windows Registry.

When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.For example, with old copies of troublesome Symantec software you might find SymEvent.kext and SymOSXKernelUtilities.kext lurking on your system.My uni was suffering with a flash bug, and I thought it be able to clear the problem.There are two locations on your hard drive, both named Library, where programs store their preferences and supporting files.Read this post to easily uninstall programs and remove hidden apps, Malware, Spyware, Scareware, Adware and apps leftover on.

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It searches the files created by the applications and you can delete them quickly.

Simply drag one or more apps onto AppZapper. Then, watch as it finds the extra files and lets you delete them.The first Library is at the top level of your hard drive, the second is inside your Home Folder.

Be default Mac OS X software is stored in the Applications folder on your hard drive.

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How to Uninstall Mac Media Player from Mac Bernice Curry 2017.01.24 9:09.Drag any probable items to the desktop first to make a copy, then move the original to the trash.Over time, our Macs can become full of apps that we no longer use, have stopped working, or that we.Run a scan and check the boxes by anything you want to delete.