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Once you are done with your WLAN map, you can view the visualizations and start troubleshooting any issues.On the dialog (see Figure 1), type a Name for the ad-hoc network.

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Windows 2008 Network Policy Server can be used to authenticate and grant access to wireless domain member computers in a Windows Active Directory domain using MAC.Troubleshooting issues with SNR: this Wi-Fi map makes it easier to identify and troubleshoot weak areas of signal-to-noise ratio coverage.Your mobile data plan can power your Wi-Fi devices if you have the right gear and a little know-how.You can create wireless Ad-Hoc network on Mac for Wifi Transfer if there is no Wi-Fi network available.In Part 2, we cover Mac OS Leopard, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Follow the steps in this section to host a network just for the purpose of sharing files or other direct communication.It allows you to take a complete site survey of your network and view the following WiFi heatmap visualizations.Wi-Fi lets us share the Internet and files among multiple computers.His Mac can create a wifi network and devices can connect to his Mac wifi created network.See the next section for information on connecting your Mac using Wi-Fi.Apple was one of the first companies to take advantage of wireless networking technology.

You can share your laptop or PC internet to nearby smartphones and tablets regardless android, iPhone, Mac Os X, windows, Nokia etc.You can connect your Mac to a WiFi network using AirPort, which is Apple.Signal-to-interference ratio: this map highlights co-channel interference from other radio transmitters.

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NetSpot is the only professional app for wireless site surveys, Wi-Fi analysis, and troubleshooting on Mac OS X and Windows.

Plus they should be able to access any network resources, just as if they were directly connected to the regular network.

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Troubleshooting low upload rate: this map makes it easier to identify and troubleshoot areas of low upload speeds.

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Then to use the higher bit encryption, select 128-bit WEP for the Security value.Therefore, users connecting to the computer-to-computer network from now on will automatically receive an IP address from the regular network (if it has DHCP enabled).

How to Use Your Mac as a Wireless Router. Home. This tells your Mac to create a wireless network and let any connected computers or devices access the.Please enable Javascript in your browser, before you post the comment.OS X has the capability of creating what is commonly referred to as an ad hoc network.

If users from the source network (Internet if directly connected or just users from the source network if connected to another local network) need access to a server (such as Remote Desktop or FTP), click the Settings button, mark the appropriate checkboxes, and then click OK.Ad-hoc users should be able to access the Internet in addition to sharing files.You can wirelessly connect two Mac computers together in just a couple of.

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Choose the connection or adapter that is connected to the Internet, and choose a wireless adapter to host the ad-hoc network.How to Create a Wireless Network Between a Desktop PC. there is a way to create a wireless network between.

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