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LTE on iPhone 6 randomly stops working. but my iPhone has been acting.

My wifi connection does not work after latest update

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Wi-Fi disabled and greyed out after iOS 6 update on the iPad or iPhone.Message 6 of 13 (37,215 Views) Well, my husband just fixed ours today.Tags: personal hotspot not working on iphone 6s, cant hotspot from iphone 6s to computer,. cant share iphone 6s internet with my mac from my iphone,.Both these phones will connect to other networks outside of my home, just not my home wifi.

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Try changing your Wi-Fi channels to see if this fixes your issue.

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I have been using my iphone 4s for couple of months and it has worked fine both with wi-fi and 3G utill three days ago...

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My iPhone 5c has had this problem since I purchased it new a couple years ago.

Why does connecting to my work VPN cause my internet. after that although my internet was working perfectly I could not.My wifi connection does not work after latest update. my computer says that I am connected to my wireless router but there is not internet connection.Hi, My iPhone works fine in my home. (i.e. phone calls and internet access is fine).

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Fortunately, when establishing that connection the iPhone does most of the work for you.

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Just last week, my access to the internet over mobile data networks has stopped working.

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It would be a frustration to own an iPhone or iPad and not be able to connect to the Internet to use mobile data.

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This is not specific to the iPhone, but I have a Rogers SIM card, that when inserted into the iPhone or into my Symbol MC70, does not allow for internet functionality.

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Although it is easy to connect Wi-Fi in iPhone but there can be instances when is not able to access internet due to no Wi-Fi in the device.

The past week or so, I have not been able to access the internet on my IPhone 4S.They reported that the iPhone seems to be connected to the Wi-Fi networks but either the internet is.

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Im about to loose my mind, ive had my iphone about 2 weeks now never had a problem with the internet all of a sudden.Why is my internet not working on my new Straight Talk phone.Internet not working (ethernet, wifi) Hey I just added window in mt mac through bootcamp but my internet wont work.

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