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Over the past nine years, the product, which was initially controversial, has evolved into the most valuable billboard on Earth—for brands, for publishers, for celebrities and for the rest of us.

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This is a relatively new vision for how to keep users hooked on Facebook—by asking users themselves.

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This is a list of the Friends, apps, and Pages you have hidden from your News Feed.That proved successful in helping News Feed generate more revenue for Facebook than any other part of the site.Turns out under new Facebook settings your news feed will show only people you interact with most.Facebook launched a new News Feed settings tool today that will allow you to quickly unfollow people and Pages without unfriending, or unliking them.Login to Facebook as a Page and your news feed is not updating or recent posts are from days ago or your Page news feed completely vanishes.Solution time.

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Kim Komando has five Facebook privacy settings you should change now.Use a phone with a slow mobile connection and you may see less video.

If any of your feeds are blank, close and reopen Facebook to refresh your News Feed.The new feed code has a line coverage with unit tests of 70% compared to 17% in the old code.Your news feed will then display in the center of the web page.

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Are you noticing a lack of activity from some of your friends on facebook.Your Facebook news feed is a list of updates and stories that are posted by the friends and pages that you follow on Facebook.

Type your Facebook username and password into the fields provided to access your Facebook account.This can be accomplished by clicking on the inverted triangle on the blue bar at the top.In its earliest days, Facebook was essentially a directory of profile pages.Your News Feed preferences help you control what you see in your News Feed.The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.

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Facebook has simplified its News Feed preferences for unfollowing people and choosing favorite friends.

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A drop-down menu will display that gives you the option to view your news feed by recent news updates, or top stories.

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Nearly a billion people around the world now look at Facebook daily.Facebook can be great for getting updates on your friends, but sometimes the same posts remain at the top of your feed.They are tasked with scrolling through their News Feeds to assess how well the site places stories relative to their personal preferences.

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